Livestock Cargo

whatisitheaderThis policy provides broad form coverage for losses to animals in transit that are your property or the property of others. Losses included are death, humane destruction, crippling, bruising, injury and/or escape of animals.

whatiscoveredThe policy covers your livestock in the event of death or injury while being transported. Coverage extensions include:
-Salvage and Recovery Expenses
-Debris Removal Expenses
-Freight Charges
-Theft of the Entire Load
-Vehicle Breakdown
-Loss of Value Due to a Loss Occurrence
-Loading and Unloading Coverage
-Substitution of Vehicles for Inoperable Vehicles
requirementsThe covered livestock must be transported in scheduled vehicles.

examplesYou just bought a load of cattle in South Texas and are shipping them to the panhandle to be turned out on wheat. The semi truck breaks down and cannot get a replacement truck on location to swap out until the next morning. Your cattle collapse and die due to heat exhaustion. With the Vehicle Breakdown Endorsement, you will be covered at 100% of the value of your load.

Examples are for information purposes only.
Every case is unique. Contact an agent for details.
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cost copyDepends on the miles driven and vehicles scheduled on the policy.