Livestock Specified Perils


This is a limited coverage policy that covers your livestock in the event of death caused by one of the very specific perils occurring and reported during the policy period.

whatiscoveredThis policy covers your livestock in the event of death caused by one of the following:
-Fire, lightning, explosion or smoke
-Windstorm, hail or tornado
-Collision with vehicles, aircraft, or falling objects
-Riot, civil commotion or vandalism
-Earthquake or volcanic eruption
-Flood, drowning, mudslide or tidal waves
-Accidental shooting
-Collapse of buildings, barns, bridges or culverts
-Sinkhole collapse
-Leakage of gas or anhydrous ammonia
-Contaminated Feed or Water

requirementsThe covered livestock must be at scheduled locations.

examplesYou start a policy on a herd of bred heifers in South Dakota with an endorsement for automatic additions. With this endorsement the calves will be automatically added to the policy. A winter storm blows in and 25% of your herd is smothered by snow. Contact your Plains Horizon agent as soon as you get a head count. Your losses will be covered at 100% less your deductible. Deductibles vary.

Examples are for information purposes only.

Every case is unique. Contact an agent for details.

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cost copyDepends on your location and additional endorsements.