Claim Services

How to File a Claim

Immediate Notice of all accidents, illness, injury, and/or death to insured animal(s) must be called in to the number on your claims card or directly to your agent.

During office hours: 877-569-8960
After hours:
Marvin Tavarez, Jr.  830-708-3870
Ali Shiozawa 801-389-7014
Trula Churchill 402-376-6637

Loss Procedures

Make arrangements for an autopsy. Call the local police in the event of horse theft, shooting or vehicular involvement. Report loss immediately to above number and contact your veterinarian.


Do not have the animal euthanized without the consent of a company representative.


Failure to comply with the policy terms and conditions could jeopardize your coverage. Anyone that has care, custody and control of the insured animal should be fully advised of the above procedures. Please consult your Insurance Policy for actual terms and conditions which apply to your insurance coverage.