Prospective Foal



This policy basically guarantees a live foal through your policy period. Policy term limits vary from 7 days to 365 days after the birth of your foal.


The cost of the breeding is covered if your insured mare has not given birth to a live foal during the policy period and is not in foal at the expiration of the policy. The mare must be at least 42 days in foal from the last breeding date before coverage can be incepted. The foal is covered until it is either 7 days, 45 days, or 365 days old, depending on the term of your policy.


Satisfactory vet exam stating that the mare has been palpated and sonogrammed in foal.


The cost of the Pro-Foal policy is determined by the mare’s age and produce history and well as the stallion’s age and breeding history. Additionally, you can choose a guarantee of the foal living to 7 days or 365 days.


  1. You breed your cutting mare to a nice cutting stallion for $10,000. The vet costs for artificial insemination are an additional $1,000. The stallion owner does offer a live foal guarantee, but to be on the safe side, you take out a Pro-Foal policy in the amount of $11,000 for your total investment amount. The breeding and pregnancy are a success and a nice horse colt is born. He is healthy and nurses, so the stallion’s guarantee is fulfilled. Three days later, he is running through the pasture and hits a tree, breaking his neck. You call your insurance agent at Plains Horizon Equine Insurance and report the accident. The policy pays the $11,000 value of the foal.
  2. You breed your performance calf roping mare to a nice stallion for $5,000. The embryo is transferred to a recipient mare to enable you to continue competing on your performer. The cost of the transfer and use of the recipient is $3,500. The recipient is called in foal by a vet and you get your Pro-Foal policy for $8,500 to cover the total investment. Six months later, the recipient mare colics and dies. You call your insurance agent at Plains Horizon Equine Insurance and report the incident. The amount of your $8,500 investment is paid out by the policy.

Examples are for information purposes only. Every case is unique. Contact an agent for details. (877) 569-8960.