Farm/Liability Care, Custody, and Control

whatisitheaderThis endorsement is used to provide legal liability coverage for horses that you do not own that are in your care, custody and control. It protects against accidents and sickness to those horses when they are in your care. It is designed to be used by boarding stables, breeding operations, and training facilities. It is not a mortality policy. It covers you if you are held liable up to the limits you choose.
examplesYou have a stallion station that breeds outside stallions to outside mare and foals out client mares. One of the stallions runs into a pipe fence and is killed. The owner’s claim it is your negligence and sue you for the stallion’s value. Because you have a CC&C policy, you are protected.

Examples are for information purposes only.
Every case is unique. Contact an agent for details.
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cost copyThe rates vary on this policy based on the amount of coverage you desire and the number of non-owned horses in your custody. An example of cost for the above mentioned $5K/$25K would be about $275 per year.