Farm Owners

whatisitheaderThe farm policy is designed to cover a farm owner against property loss, as well as personal and commercial liability associated with his horse business.
whatiscoveredProperty examples that are covered are dwellings, horse barns, shed rows, covered round pens, saddles, tack, etc. This also provides you with liability insurance for the risks included with running your horse business.
deductiblesVaries according to your needs
examplesYou have a Farm Owner’s Policy on your property. A hailstorm comes through and does severe damage to your home, your barn and your shed rows. The insurance adjuster says it will cost $12,000 to repair the damage. After contacting your agent at Plains Horizon Equine Insurance, all of these things will be covered under your policy, minus the deductible.
  1. You have a Farm Owner’s Policy on your horse property. You are at a horse show. While kicking at another horse, your horse misses and kicks a man walking behind him. The man is hurt and has to be taken to the hospital. You call your insurance agent at Plains Horizon Equine Insurance and report the incident. You are held liable for the man’s medical bills. The policy provides coverage for the amount which you are held liable, up to the limit of liability you choose.

Examples are for information purposes only.
Every case is unique. Contact an agent for details.
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cost copyCost will be quoted based on your situation described in your completed application.
Optional Coverages you can add to this policy include:
– Care, Custody & Control