Stable Liability

whatisitheaderThis policy is a monoline liability policy designed for individuals that own or lease a horse facility to protect against the inherent risks of operating a horse business.
requirementsAn application must be signed and filed with Plains Horizon Equine Insurance
examplesYou are at your barn and a neighbor comes over. While you are showing him one of the horses, the horse kicks him in the leg and injures him. He sues you for his injuries and medical costs he incurs. You are held liable. The policy will defend you at no cost to you and pay for damages up to the limits you have in your policy.

Examples are for information purposes only.
Every case is unique. Contact an agent for details.
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cost copyThe cost of a Stable Liability Policy is based on exposures you have, such as number of horses, boarders, etc.
optionalcoveragesOptional coverages available to add to this policy include:
-Care, Custody & Control