Club and Association Liability

whatisitheaderSame as Event Liability. This policy is a liability policy designed for individuals or for groups/clubs that hold equine related events.
whatiscoveredIn the event that someone is hurt or killed at an event you operate, and you are held liable, the policy will cover expenses that come with the injury or death. You choose the amount of liability up to which you will be covered.
requirementsAn application must be signed and filed with Plains Horizon Equine Insurance.

examplesYou are holding an event at the local arena. You purchase a stable liability policy to cover the show. While the event is going on, one of the competitors runs over a spectator with their horse. The injured person sues the club for injuries and the club is held liable. The policy will defend the club at no cost to the club and pay for damages up to the limits the club has in the policy.

Examples are for information purposes only.
Every case is unique. Contact an agent for details.
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cost copyThe cost of a Stable Liability Policy is based on exposures you have, such as number of horses, boarders, etc.